Jordan and Katie met through their work place where Jordan was working as a Personal Trainer and Rehab Tech and Katie was working as a Physical Therapist. They quickly became close friends, as they discovered they both enjoyed working out and weight lifting. When discussing their future goals they had similar ideas that complimented each other well. At this point they decided to team up and create a page that allows accessibility for all those who wanted to achieve fitness goals. Katie and Jordan both strive to live healthy and fit lifestyles, however they have different approaches. Katie enjoys CrossFit and running as well as eating an almost completely vegan/plant based diet. Jordan is involved in Olympic weightlifting and yoga and follows a macro-nutrient based diet to compliment her training. They learn from each other by discussing their different approaches to fitness. Teaming up seemed like a great idea to encapsulate all different approaches for anyone’s fitness goals. No two people have the same fitness path!