Active Recovery!

What is active recovery?

– Active recovery is a type of workout that is meant to aid in injury prevention, soreness prevention, and managing sore muscles. It is not designed to max the heart rate or build muscle.

What are some types of active recovery?

– Stretching, yoga, going on a walk, swimming, foam rolling, or body weight workouts.

– These are meant to be low intensity.

Why do I take time for active recovery?

– Active recovery is different than a rest day. I prefer to take active recovery instead of rest days to improve soreness, flexibility, and get some blood moving. With prolonged rest, muscles can stiffen up and you may actually get more sore from resting. It is important to do active recovery to prevent future injury/pain and improve any soreness you have from prior workouts. Tight muscles can cause injury so it is important to be preventative by stretching it out.

What type of active recovery is best?

– The answer to this question is simply- It depends! Listen to what your body is asking for. Some days I like to go on a light bike ride while other days I feel the need to stretch. You do not have to take a full day for active recovery. You can incorporate it throughout the week. Listen to your body and do what makes sense to you!

How do you guys recover from your workouts??

Stay fit with a purpose!

-Jordan and Katie

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