Workout of the Week!

Another week, another workout! This week’s workout is focused on modification. Like we have said previously, if there is ever an exercise that you may not be able to perform, always send us an email and we can easily provide a modification! In this workout I’ll show option one which is the given exercise and I’ll  show option two which is the modified version.

To complete the workout set a timer for 10 minutes. Perform each exercise 10 times and then repeat until the timer is done! 10 minute AMRAP!

Exercise 1: Squat jumps, modified -high knee steps-ups

Exercise 2: Jumping jacks, modified -alternating sidesteps

Exercise 3: Squats, modified -sit to stand

The video below is me showing examples of each of the exercises and the modified versions.

Stay fit with a purpose!

-Jordan and Katie

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