Accountability and Consistency

For many, like myself, it can be hard to stay motivated with a workout regimen. Life events like vacations, cleaning, studying, work, running errands, and taking care of kids become priorities and exercising goes by the wayside. I struggled with consistency throughout my schooling. This can lead to inconsistency with training and lack of results over time which is frustrating when attempting to accomplish goals.


One thing that has helped me stay consistent is creating goals for myself. I sign up for races to train for to force me to commit to a training regimen with the race being the goal. I also will set workout goals for the week, for example: 4x per week strength training, 5-6x per week do 30-60 minutes of cardio. I will also reward myself. If I get to a goal weight or am consistent with strength training I will buy myself new clothes or training gear. It’s fun and reinforces exercise.


I find periods throughout the day to exercise when I can. Sometimes when I take a bathroom break at work, I do a few heel raises while washing my hands and stretch a for a few seconds (standing of course because who wants to sit on the bathroom floor). In my office when I’m doing paperwork, I occasionally do squats or stretch in my work chair. I do isometric abdominal holds (squeeze my core for 10-30 seconds) when driving or sitting in a chair for prolonged periods. I take the stairs up to my 3rd floor condo building or park far away to make me walk more. This enforces small sets of strength training each day which is more than I would do otherwise. Each week/day I schedule exercise into my schedule so I cannot use time as an excuse. Workouts do not need to be 1-2 hours long. Most of the workouts we post are 30 minutes or less! And will still give you results.


I have a hard time with consistency frequently. A way I address this is holding myself accountable. I have some friends who I have a deal with: we must send each other a picture during/after/of our workouts each day. This helps us to ensure we stay on top of our workouts and can support each other with each workout. I have had days where I don’t feel like hitting up the gym but then my friend sends me a picture and suddenly I am motivated to go. Occasionally, I will have friends who are on the same training plan as me and we will check in with each other to ensure we are staying consistent. This has helped us all tremendously in maintaining accountability and consistency. Jordan and I would be happy to hold you accountable with frequent check-ins, if you sign up with them for online coaching! Visit the contact us page for inquiries!

Workout Buddy:

Sometimes it is hard to workout alone. I love having a person to workout with to push me in my workouts and to make exercise fun. Jordan and I did a workout together last week and it was a blast! Exercising never seems to feel like work when filled with good conversation and laughter. I have also taken my sister with special needs to the gym and this a bonding moment for us. Find someone to workout with if that helps you stay consistent! It doesn’t have to be someone on your same fitness level because almost everything can be modified!


Exercising should be fun and enjoyable. Your chances of maintaining your consistency will decrease if you are not enjoying what you are doing. Jordan and I both enjoy doing olympic weight lifting, howeverI prefer to use it in my workouts mixed with cardio at lighter weights and Jordan utilizes it for heavier weights and competition. We both have ran races, but Jordan prefers short bouts of running at higher speeds and I prefers the long slower runs. If you haven’t found something that is fun for you, contact us and we can help you find what is!

Let us know how you stay consistent by commenting below!

Stay fit with a purpose!

-Jordan and Katie

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