Staying Consistent with Traveling

This weekend I spent 4 days traveling, in classes, and hanging out with family in Columbus, OH. While prepping for this trip, my first thought was “how am I going to stay consistent with traveling”. This is how I managed:


I packed non-perishable healthy food to eat! For breakfast, I brought instant oatmeal and fresh fruit to put in it for breakfast. Lunch was more challenging. I was at a class 8-5 with no access to a fridge or microwave. I went to the local cafe and got a veggie sandwich which was the best I could do there! Dinner was with my family and I had some cheat meals, which included pizza. Snacks included apples, clementines, bananas, freeze dried edamame, and cliff bars.

Of course it’s ok to enjoy food while traveling. I love pizza and I wasn’t going to turn that down for a salad! And that’s ok! I remained consistent in my other meals which kept me on track.


I took a fitness class at a local gym on Friday morning and paid a drop-in fee. I also brought my running gear to go on runs! Because I was in classes 8-5 almost daily, it was hard finding time to get my workouts in. I made up for it by going on a walk during my lunch break, parking on the third floor of the parking garage to get some stairs in, stretching and doing at home workouts intermittently while I had time, and looked for any opportunity to get in some extra walking.

Staying on track while traveling is difficulty. But it’s important to remember than it’s also important to enjoy your time while traveling! Eat good food and do touristy things but just try to keep the consistency going so you aren’t totally off track when you’re back from vacation. Just stay moving!

Helpful hints:

  1. Do some cardio when you stop at rest breaks while on long road trips (i.e. jumping jacks, light jog, lunges, squats, etc)
  2. Get your workouts in while doing something fun while on vacation (i.e. taking a hike, going swimming at the beach, etc)
  3. Pack healthy snacks (i.e. apples, bananas, granola bars, etc)
  4. Bring workout gear with you to get some exercise in!
  5. Do your workout before you go to bed or right when you get up to ensure it gets done!

Let us know how you stay on track while traveling!

1 thought on “Staying Consistent with Traveling”

  1. NO WAY! I was in Columbus last weekend too! Would have been hysterical to “run” into you! I was not able to do my full regiment, but I did complete my PT stretches in bed before I got up and we made a point to do some walking. When I could, I would find a light pole and do some calf and hamstring stretches. We also packed lots of water bottles and some healthy snacks for car so we wouldn’t be temped by gas station pizza! Great post!

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